Umbrella Insurance
Why choose an umbrella policy?

Just like you shouldn't wait until the rain falls to buy an umbrella, don't wait until a major event happens to consider an umbrella policy.

An extra layer of protection when your policy limits have been exceeded

In the event of a major crisis, you could meet your policy limits before all damages are resolved. By adding umbrella insurance, you are shielded by coverage that extends your limits.

To better undestand umbrella protection, it helps to understand scenarios where it would apply:

  • At fault car accident – if you have been found at fault in a collision, the damages may exceed your personal auto policy maximum benefit.
  • Injury on your property – if a guest is injured while at your home, they may sue for injuries that exceed the limits of your homeowner’s policy.

If your underlying home or farm insurance is placed with Buckeye, consider obtaining an umbrella policy to protect you and your assets. For more information, contact your local agent today!