Umbrella Insurance

An Umbrella policy? You may wonder why you would even need one.

A common misnomer of Umbrella policies is that they’re just for those who are heirs to a family fortune, or have a high value of assets. Despite your preconceived ideas of an Umbrella policy, don’t wait until you need one to consider this coverage.

When your policy limits aren’t enough to cover you, an Umbrella policy can protect you from a lawsuit.

In the event of a crisis, you could meet your policy limits before all damages are resolved. In a situation where your policy limits have been reached, you may feel like you’re backed into a corner. With the help of an Umbrella policy, you can rest in knowing that your liability limits are extended beyond your underlying limits.

If your underlying home or farm insurance is placed with Buckeye, consider obtaining an Umbrella policy to protect you and your assets. For more information, contact your local agent today!